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Ever since I moved to New York, I started seeing plastic bags with a smile, "Thank you for shopping!" and "Have a nice day!" everywhere. These bags are generic here, very local, never seen in Tokyo therefore attractive. Service in New York can be rough but bags smile and thank customers.

Before moving from Tokyo, my shopping bag collection since my childhood had to be scaled down. I discarded tons of bags. It was refreshing and positive as a new start but still kind of sad.

As homage to these discarded bags and to represent my obsession with them, I started this project. I simply wore them and played around with them under scenarios like being dumped by a guy, hula hooping, and jumping with ballerinas. I shot what flowed out of my fantastic plastic world which already existed me.

New York, 2009


ニューヨークに来て、東京では見たことのない、独特でローカルなビニール袋にすぐ魅せられた。スマイルマークや"Have a nice day!"、"Thank you for shopping!!"のメッセージが入ったビニール袋は、一般的なデザインだ。サービスや態度はぶしつけなわりに、ビニール袋は愛想と愛嬌があることが新鮮な発見だった。




New York, 2009

    megumi tomomitsu